I love what I do because I am able to connect my  form of art with significant milestones in people's  lives. Whether it be a wedding or event, the  promotion of a business, aquiring a new home or  celebrating the lives of loved ones. I enjoy creating  something that speaks very personally about it.   Pen & Paper evolved from a simple request by a friend to address their wedding invitation  envelopes. I had done hand lettering in the past and studied with master calligrapher Don Kunz when I attended The Cooper Union in the mid 1980's. I am fascinated with papers of all kinds  and so the combination of calligraphy and paper seemed to naturally fit. Living on the East End of Long Island not only inspires me, but puts me in the center of events that happen at  vineyards, farms, estates and  the seashore. I am passionate about my work, present in my  surroundings and truly enjoy the people I work with. As a result, my clients come away with a positive experience and ultimately work they are thrilled with.   When I was 16 years old I drew a portrait of my Grandfather for my mother after he had passed away. Through the years I continued to present family members with portraits of their loved  ones after their passing.  On June 4th of 2010 Joey Theinert was killed in action in Afghanistan at the age of 24. I did not know him, but his mother is a dear friend of mine and her anguish  seemed unfathomable to me. I wanted to do something and decided that I would give her a  portrait on the first year anniversary of his death. The emotional connection that I felt to Joey  while working on his portrait was overwhelming and has inspired me to continue drawing. My heart goes into every one of my drawings. Nothing is more rewarding than capturing the  essence and spirit of a subject and touching another person in a positive way.
Pen & Paper - Linda Pasca - Calligraphy Artist Pen & Paper - Linda Pasca - Calligrapher and Portrait Atist
From her interview with Chrystle Fiedler,   Distinction magazine, March 2007  In Linda Pasca’s new studio, headquarters for her company Pen & Paper, shelves  and tables seem packed to the rafters with finished jobs and work in progress.  Ms. Pasca’s delicate calligraphy covers every surface, from earthy sand dollars  and shells to a sleek black invitation for an upcoming high-end wedding... Today  one tabletop is covered with beautiful, white, egg-shaped stones. The stones will  be place cards for a wedding. Ms. Pasca tucks her heavy blond hair behind her  ears. She’s still and focused as she lowers her calligraphy pen and carefully writes  a name full of flourishes. Although she doodled endlessly in notebooks as a child,  she says, it was in the late 1980s at Cooper Union School of Art in New York City  that she first studied and fell in love with calligraphy. Then, a few years ago,  while managing the Mark Humphrey Gallery in Southampton, a desire to cut  down on travel and be closer to her young daughter led her to take a chance and  form Pen & Paper.   The business began modestly, with Ms. Pasca addressing envelopes for Christmas  cards and weddings out of her Mattituck home. Little by little, though, word got  out. In 2004, Brides Magazine featured her sand dollars with table numbers in  their “new and fresh ideas” issue, and business really took off, she says. Later that  summer, she was asked by a decorator, who found her through her website, to  hand-paint the words to a poem by Baudelaire high on the 10-foot walls in the  entrance hall of the House & Garden Hampton Designer Showcase house in East  Hampton. Cathy Riva, event planner and owner of Riva Events, first hired Ms.  Pasca to do calligraphy on shells as escort cards for her own wedding. She was so  impressed, she says, she immediately recommended Ms. Pasca to everyone she  knows. “She’s wonderful to work with, creative and fun,” says Ms. Riva. “Since my  wedding she’s worked with me on everything from a private dinner for Karl  Lagerfeld to a large barmitzvah at The Four Seasons.”   Ms. Pasca is also known for collages that feature shells or herbs mounted on her  handmade paper and her trademark calligraphy, of course. The collages have  been shown at the Blue Door Gallery and the East End Arts Council, both in  Riverhead. Currently, a few of these pieces are displayed in her studio. Their  colors are earth tones, tans, greens and browns. The textures are beachy. You  can’t help but see the way her artwork shares inspiration with her designs for Pen  & Paper and how both seem inspired by the sand and sea.“I live on the East End  of Long Island, surrounded by gardens, vineyards, seashores and incredible  skylines,” the bubbly Ms. Pasca says. “They are a constant source of creative  energy for me.”  Ms. Pasca also has many local clients. She has designed menus for Legends in  New Suffolk and created the logo and promotional design for East End  Experience in Southold, to name just two. She also works with many local brides,  helping them to come up with a coherent look for their affairs, from save-the-date  card and invitation designs to the smallest detail on the favors, she says. “I love  working with these girls. They can just come by the studio. It’s great.” Ms. Pasca  encourages all of her clients to visit her studio. “The best thing I can do is meet  with somebody,” she says,“because everything is so personal.”  Chrystle Fiedler can be found at www.chrystlecontent.com.